In 2010 we were running ‪Phuket Fight Store in the front of our house.
2011 we expanded the fight store & started exploring opportunities for a gym. 2012 a block of land transformed into our dream of a world class ‪MMA and Muay Thai gym in Phuket.
From 1 ring, 200sq foot bjj area & a small office….
We have grow into 3 ring, restaurant, rooms, 400sq foot matted area, full size cage, gear shop, weights area & MOST IMPORTANTLY we have secured some of the best talent in the world as coaches/ trainers.
The ‪PhuketTopTeam family would like to thank all of our students, followers & fans world wide
Our growth is only possible with students willing to come to PTT & put in ‪Hardwork, ‪dedication & giving ‪motivation to everyone around them!